Legend of Lizard Lick Children’s Book Reading

LegendofLizardLickCoverWebResolutionKids, parents, and grandparents!  Saturday, April 23, from 10:30 until 11:00 am would be an excellent time to join in the fun at Kidzu Children’s Museum at University Place in Chapel Hill.  Karen Matthews will be reading from her children’s book, “The Legend of Lizard Lick:  A North Carolina Folktale” as part of the NC Science Festival during April.

Karen will share this fictional and whimsical story of how the little community of Lizard Lick, North Carolina, got its funny name.  You’ll get to know the frogs and lizards that inhabit Sweetwater Pond and find out how they resolve their squabbles over the water that’s drying up in the pond.

Illustrator Josh Taylor will follow Karen’s reading with a hands-on lesson in frog and lizard art.

Plan on bringing the kids (especially ages 4-12) for some old fashion fun.


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