Lila Pad Says “Buy My Book”

Just in case you missed it.

Karen Matthews, North Carolina Author

Lila Pad Lila Pad

Lila Pad, one of the cute frog characters in ‘The Legend of Lizard Lick’ children’s book says “Buy my book and find out how we frogs took on the lizards in a battle over the disappearing water in Sweetwater Pond.”

“My Dad is Hairy Frog, Mayor of Frogville, and my mother is named Webfoot Wanda.  My little brother is Tiny Tad.  The lizards used to be our friends, but then they started taking our water, and we frogs had to do something about it.

“My book has 26 full color illustrations of cute lizard and frog characters like me, Lickety Split, Skinky, and Snap Dragon.  And it was written by a fine lady named Karen Matthews and illustrated by award-winning artist, Josh Taylor.”

Purchase your copy of the “Legend of Lizard Lick:  A North Carolina Folktale” for the child on your Christmas list ages 4 to 12 at

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